07 February, 2010

UFC 109 - The crime at 109!


Wow. The Rolles Gracie v. Joey Beltran fight was an afterthought. And luckily it was. It aired after the main event - Couture v. Coleman, and luckily it did. I actually wasn't sure what to expect not seeking Rolles in a MMA event before.
Let me replay the events of last night as I remember it. It was like witnessing a crime in action. I remember thinking that the Couture/Coleman match was just sad to watch. I couldn't imagine what Coleman's kids were thinking and felt badly for him and for them. I was about to shut the TV off after the main event, but decided to wait and see what might be aired. (I caught some excellent matches previously that way.)
I stepped away for a little bid and came back seeing one fighter take down and eventually take the back of another fighter. At that point, I didn't really know who was fighting. I remember hearing Joe Rogan say that while the fighter on the bottom has grappling experience, he's going to be totally outmatched by the fighter on the back. A Brazilian JiuJitsu black belt. My ears perked up. But it wasn't soon after that Joey Beltran (at this point I hear his name) was able to escape, get back to his feet and box. This is where the rest of the crime was committed. And like with car accidents, I couldn't turn my eyes away. It was a wreck - horrible striking attempts and shots by a lumbering and waddling fighter - Rolles Gracie. (When I heard his name, I said - Wha?)
....But the link above described it well. Rolles didn't look like he belonged or even wanted to be there. And seeing Renzo after the fight, I don't think he wanted to be there either.
You have to wonder if that multi-fight deal with UFC is going to stay together?

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