05 August, 2010

I'm Finally Back!

I'm back and in more ways than one. I was released from therapy several weeks ago. Strong enough to walk up and down stairs without a limp, but not much else.
Started a running program that VERY SLOWLY builds back some more bounce into my step. It is actually more about building confidence in my step.
I also continue to hit the resistance training and cardio workouts hard.

This past Sunday, I rolled with some adult-sized folks, for the first time since my injury back on 2/19. The warm up was 3 x 7 minute rounds. 1 minute rest. Going at 75% resistance. Then go into a lesson, then drills.
I was GASSED at the second round. My fingers were rubbed raw from my grips and my quad was jelly. But I was happy.
I did have to tap in the weirdest situations though. I tapped when I was mounted by my opponent and had some weird pressure on my knee and felt smothered up top. Again much more about confidence in my position than anything.
My schedule will be Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-9:30 pm. I'll be at it tonight!

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