12 March, 2011

Combatives - first three lessons and FVGJJ is moving

Today's training was going back to the first three lessons of the Combatives - Trap and Roll Escape - all variations, Americana - all variations, and Positional control - Mount - with high and low swim. It was good to practice the nuances.

All in all, a good day of rolling.

Also, Fox Valley Gracie Jiu Jitsu is moving from a garage to a classroom space in what was an elementary school. Lockers, bathrooms, tons of room. What's not to like?

Considering the growth of the garage, the move couldn't have been timed better!

08 March, 2011

insane 8 year old wrestler and 6-ish boxer!

I caught these two videos and showed my kids. They (and I) could not believe our eyes! These kids are naturals!

Monday Nights Combatives at FVGJJ

Tonights combatives and rolling included:
Side control. Postitional control.
Head lock counters.
Also did several different variations of fight simulations including:
Take down
Side Control, Mount, Remount, Take the back
Punch-block stages 1 through 4
Head lock counter to Modified (Seated) mount to arm bar or to back.

The curriculum from Gracie University is a step-wised curriculum. Lots of detail in each lesson. And each lesson connects to previous lessons in sequences that are the most common progression from one situation to the next. The reflex development and fight simulations are the methods that Gracie U employs to teach that progression and ingrain the lessons.

Here's a video from one of the black belts at Lagrange BJJ in Indiana. Chet Schemahorn is the head black belt there. Fox Valley Gracie JJ has been working a ton with Chet and LaGrange to continue on our journey of learning the Gracie Combatives and Master Cycle techniques. In the video there are some of the transitions that we practice from side control to mount to modified mount.

Note to myself from my combatives lessons tonight.
Triangle - at set up, chill out. Establish and maintain position. Utilize hips to help isolate and control arm. Control head. Shoulder walk and re-engage/chop leg. Lock up triangle - hand to foot, foot behind knee. Head control.

Head lock counter - utilize blade of hand. Don't push/force upward, instead rock forward.

05 March, 2011

Saturday session - Elbow Escape

Today was Gracie University Lesson 12 - Elbow escape under mount.

Roy Dean covers the lesson about 4:55 into the vid.

Fun session. Worked with Steve at Fox Valley Gracie JJ. I was able to roll about 20 minutes before he took advantage of a wayward arm while he was in side control on me.

Tips for me. Don't just pivot hips. Good shrimp out on each side. Watch for opponent in mount to control elbows from being able to frame the knee and attempt the escape.

Monday - Headlock counters.

03 March, 2011

Bullyproof lessons March 3, 2011

Today the kids worked on some of the basics that they learned from Judo - Breakfall - tuck and roll.

We also worked on mount control and taking the back. Up until now, taking the back was a game called Crazy Horse (Gracie Bullyproof game). Now we are transitioning it into a methodical, control of your opponent. Of course it is more fun for the kids to play Crazy Horse!

01 March, 2011

Kids Bullyproof

As I said previously, my kids and I have been practicing the Gracie Bullyproof games and lessons. At the same time, they've also been in a kids wrestling program (K through 2nd grade) at the local wrestling club. It's been a lot of fun.

Here are some videos of some recent lessons. FYI - For some reason the video dimension seems cut off a bit. If you double click to a whole screen, you will be able to see the full dimensions.

Trap and roll escape drill.

We also do some other games - practicing takedowns, balance games, and some Bullyproof fights.

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