04 February, 2010

Gracie University

I have my training partner all made - so it's time to train, right? I loved my time at the club, but my schedule just didn't work out. Staring at the FVGC schedule every night wasn't really working - "I know I can get out to the Wednesday class.... maybe the Saturday class..." Hoping isn't a method.
I researched other options, I rolled with the dummy, I tried various video clips from YouTube, I rolled with my kids and even the dog (Fred got over excited and puppy humping usually happened next).
I got my fix by reading different books and magazines. Then one day I noticed a Black Belt magazine ad for Gracie University.
Serious? - a comprehensive BJJ curriculum that started with basics and built on its lessons. Provided a method for finding training partners in almost any neighborhood. Provided a method to ask questions from Gracie instructors. And even allowed for a detailed testing process to test for a Gracie Academy Blue Belt and beyond. Really.
I was really skeptical. And it took several visits to the bathroom (where the magazine sat) over a few days, for me to be intrigued enough to even visit the website. But to the site I went. And I was amazed.

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