15 February, 2010

...FVGC efficientization of my armbars.

After taking the day off, President's Day and all, I realized that I was able to get to FVGC to roll for the noon class. It was fun getting back there. I know that this is not going to be a regular thing.
First 30 minutes was practicing take downs with the Judo instructor. We practiced 3 different take downs.
A hip throw - I don't have any examples. Penny Thomas does a the kind we were working on in the last BJJ legends.
Ohsotogari - a leg sweep.
Ukiwaza - a sweep from front - a variation can also be done from behind
Ohuchigari- almost the Ohsotogari - but using more of the hip and thigh to block the opponent and taking them off balance.
The next 30 minutes was drilling some things for the Blue Belt testing. Arm bars - Americana, Straight Arm bar from mount and from guard. We also practiced Triangles from guard.
Bill learned a couple things to make the straight arm bar set up more efficient.
1) Arm bar from mount. This tip was really helpful for me. When I get into the arm bar: Collect/secure arm, transition from mount to seated modified mount (right leg up): transition weight to free arm on opponent head or chest, pivot hips and swinging my leg over the head of the opponent while keeping control of arm - my transition sometimes ends up where my rear lands quite a bit a way from my opponents shoulder. leads to some wasted motion on my part to maintain control or an ineffective armbar if I can't resecure the elbow and arm. TIP from Bill: When transitioning to seated modified mount. My right knee is up while I'm sitting on my left knee/butt cheek. My left lower leg is positioned parallel and right up against my opponents back/neck/head. The tip is, with my right knee up - lean forward towards that right knee. Usually my shin ends up being straight up and down. Instead consciously lean that right leg/knee forward using my weight on the opponent. This sucks my hips/rear closer to my opponent and even shifts them up on their side. THEN work the transition. Butt to shoulder connection!
2) Straight Armbar from Guard. When I was at the club 1.5 years ago. The armbar from guard was a 4 step affair. Control wrist with cross grip, control back of head with c-hook, use head grip, and a posting foot on hip or floor to swing and pivot to the side, swing other leg to hook shoulder. Pinch legs together, hip up. The "new" version for me is similar to this clip. But the FVGC version doesn't use the step that secures the opponent tricep. a) secure wrist. no cross grip needed. use same side hand. b) on side of secure wrist, post foot on hip of opponent. Your hip and thigh effectively block any motion of the opponent's shoulder. c) with posted foot, get hips up and hang opposite leg on opponents shoulder. Chop down like setting up a triangle. This already puts pressure on the arm with hip up and leg weight bearing down. d) Swing posted leg around opponents head. Knees tight and hips extended.

I finished up my time rolling with some guys. One of them with some good wrestling experience and about 75 pounds on me. His takedowns on me seemed effortless. At least I flew around like a rag doll. I was happy for the little wins, good neck protection, able to create space to reguard or prevent mount. I'll tell you that the first time he got side control on me - his weight up on me and his toes and shoulder pinned against my cheek, neck and face. It was tough not to feel totally claustrophobic! Forget not feeling it. I definitely felt it! But a little frame here and a little shrimp there. I was safe. I did get him in a damn good lapel choke from my half guard - no tap. While I was working the choke and working to reguard - he was finally able to tap me with a weird choke/cross face thingy - I'm on my side, head up. He worked a forearm/elbow against my neck and pressured my head against my opposite shoulder. It was uncomfortable and I thought I was fine until I started losing my vision a bit. I asked him to put me in that position again to see if it was just uncomfortableness versus a submission. I almost went black again. I think it was my broad shoulder that did me in. I was able to pass his guard and protect from a couple armbars and Americana's. All in all it was a fun time.

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