07 February, 2010

Gracie University - a new foundation

I've seen other instruction videos - but in different arts. Mostly striking arts, but also in Hapkido and Judo. Or I've tried what I would see on YouTube or on a martial arts movie. Grainy and minimal shot angles or too glitzy and glam with the use of wires and pulleys. Maybe it was because these other videos were of questionable production quality or were basically what videos are - one way communication, that it was easy for me to be highly impressed by the Gracie University concept.
In addition to the quality of the video instruction, it was the progressive nature of the lessons that really appealed to me. There was a logical beginning lesson with drills that develop appropriate reflexes and then simulations that incorporate new lessons and past lessons into logical sequences that would occur in "real-life."
From a point of reference that many other BJJ students may relate too, depending on who attends a live BJJ class, it is very difficult to create a lesson plan that may meet the needs of all of the experience levels of the students in class that day. In my several months at the Grappling Club, I learned a ton - the basic submissions were drilled and drilled and drilled - Key Locks, Arm Bars (different variations), and Triangle Choke. I remember covering 2 or 3 different of sweeps (scissors, pendulum, elevator) multiple times. But I didn't learn an effective oopa, trap and roll escape until the last month at the Club. That was eye opening - trap a side (arm/leg) effective bridge straight up, then pivot and roll to the side of the trap.
But what it taught me (and I knew this for other stuff) is that as far as beeing an adult learner, I like to - need to - understand the base knowledge and how it builds, progresses and connects to following knowledge. Up until then, I was thinking about how I was treating the class. I was treating the class like other martial arts classes (striking classes). I learned one move after another move. Hey that was a cool move. Whoa that was a cool kick. Not really - "that was a great transition and look at the progression from that position to another position." I know, I know, it shouldn't have taken months for me to figure that out. But I'm slow that way.
So, because of issues I mentioned before, I'm limited with time. I jump on GU and find the first lesson - Trap and Roll Escape, three variations. The beginning of building my foundation.

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