08 February, 2010

BJJ, just a new mouse trap?

This has been sitting in the back of my head. I've wanted to think this "out-loud" on the blog. In reading a couple articles about Helio Gracie and the Gracie Challenge and then with Royce Gracie and his championships at UFC 1 and 2 and the revolution that BJJ has brought on.

Is BJJ the current better mouse trap? It came as a total surprise to the martial arts world.

So, warfare started with hands, then came the rock and stick.

From rock and stick, sharpened sticks or sticks attached with pointy rocks.

Throwing objects soon followed.

Cavalry and horseback.

Armour of different types. Beginning with leather and hides, then bronze and chain and then plate.

And armour was soon tested with the invention of the crossbow and became quickly obsolete when gunpowder and bullets were utilized.

Or how about fighting from a straight line to fighting from cover.

The Gracies introduced techniques to the West that were radically different than the current accepted practices at the time. Why would I want to wrassle with someone when I could punch them? The Gracies showed that grappling was more than an effective counter for striking techniques and would continue to be more effective as long as there are those that don't understand or have experience in grappling.

Is it just the better mouse trap.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want anyone to think I'm knocking BJJ. In fact, I marvel at how BJJ has revolutionized self-defense and sport grappling. I think the roots of BJJ promote evolution.

The community is an indication of the sharing and embracing of new ideas. And there is so much more evolution about to take place. MMA shows the possibilities of the fusion of the striking and grappling.

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