01 May, 2010

399,999,999 users still use Facebook. A recovering addict.

This past Sunday I decided to close out my Facebook account. It was something that I was tempted to do a few times. It was just taking up too much time. It wasn't a block of time - whap, 2 hours all at once. More like 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there.
Every once and a while I'd get into a chat session with a friend and that would be 30 minutes of back and forth. Then I got into one of those online FB games. Mafia something or other. That would suck up more and more time.
But while I enjoyed connecting with old friends. There was a privacy that I was giving up. There was my time which I was slowly losing control of.

So I just decided to pull the plug. One less from the 400 million.

I hear that when smokers are trying to quit, there is the tactile habit of holding something in their hand or even putting something in their mouth that is part of the whole smoking habit.
I find that when I log into the computer, and type on that http:// bar, my fingers almost want to type in the FB address. Twitchy Twitch.

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