29 April, 2010

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling. I'm Rolling with my kids!

Some key dates for me this year.
Injured on 2/19/2010.
Surgery on 2/24/2010.
Off crutches 3/20/2010.
Finally able to get into a car and drive 4/12/2010.
Able to lift more than 5 lb weights in a quad extension or hamstring curl 4/16/2010.
Rolling with my kids. 4/27/2010!
It was good doing some jits with my kids. We popped the Bullyproof DVD's in and started from Game 1 - Spidey Kids (maintain mount). The kids couldn't stop! And I didn't want to.
So the games we did - Spidey Kids (maintain mount), Shark Bite (trap and roll mount escape), Bulldozer (seated mount and mount adjustment), Crocodile Control (side mount), Base Battle, Snake Bite (trap and roll mount escape different hand variation), Guard Monster (maintain closed guard), Crazy Legs (standing guard pass).

We didn't do two games - Tackle the giant (takedown) and Crazy Horse (taking the back). These two games take a tone of knee stability. In Crazy Horse, the adult literally rears up like a horse and tests the child's hold of the back.

So, I know that there are sites out there that poo-poo the Gracie University - the Gracie Combatives and the concept of a video testing. I won't get into that argument. I'm a learner - and I do it differently from others - if someone has the opportunity to learn and get feedback - who am I to say that one way is better than another. I'm a scientist - so until I see a double blinded placebo controlled study - I won't be convinced that one way is better than another until I see data. I'll try them all!
But outside of the video testing, the quality of instruction, detail of technique and the drills that connect situation to situation to situation is outstanding. And it is the same detailed instruction in the Bullyproof DVD set.

The unbelievable thing about Bullyproof is that the lessons are set up not only to be able to instruct a parent doing the games and the jiujitsu combatives, but also set up to keep - CAPTURE! - the attention of the kids.

So how do I know the lessons help?
I maybe a bit biased or maybe my technique is weak, but when my kids do the Spidey Kid with me (maintain mount), I swear that I can't budge them. They move with the flow, shift position, shift their weight and nothing can get them off!
I know from first hand experience, a bully can stand nothing more than feeling like they have no options and no ability to really hurt their target. I once got a bully in a scarf hold judo position on the ground and I was able to keep them down until they calmed down and able to convince them to never bug me or my friend again.
I know that my kids are just a bit better prepared to have to handle a situation, without panicking, without having to throw a punch, and without having to take any physical punishment.


  1. Hello Mike,

    I just stumbled onto your blog as I was perusing the Part time grapplers site. I read this blog entry and was curious about the usefulness of the Bullyproof DVD set.

    Thanks for this entry into your Blog! I've been looking for something to get my daughters to start getting interested into Jiu-jitsu!

    Good luck with your recovery!

  2. Hey Skin,
    I'll tell you that the kids interest in JiuJitsu has been well beyond anything that they have tried in the past. As a family we were heavily into TaeKwonDo. But I always really questioned the wisdom of teaching a child striking - in a sense, it becomes about who is stronger, faster, and may actually get your kid into more trouble. But teach a kid how to protect themselves and how to control an opponent. I know from my crazy younger years, that it is more effective. We dove head first into Bullyproof. As far as effectiveness in teaching techniques - I can only compare to my experience at the grappling club and what I remember from rolling with others in Judo ground techniques - but my kids are learning the techniques and learning how to connect them together depending on the situation. Plus the kids are always asking to do it and it's great bonding time. It's all I can ask for. Good luck.


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