07 April, 2010

Focusing on Rehab

I suppose with Jesse James and Tiger, folks would think I'm talking about sex addiction rehab! Sorry, but I'm talking about physical therapy for my knee.

I'm starting post-op week 6. With a patellar tendon rupture (or quadriceps tendon rupture, same thing) and repair the rehab is not as quick as an ACL repair. Rest and healing over 6 weeks. Minimal quadriceps firing and only passive range of motion exercises. At week three I was able to move my leg to about 30 degrees of motion. At week 6 my goal is 90 degrees of motion. That is just about enough to sit in a car or go to a movie and sit with minimal discomfort.

My exercise regimen is not too aggressive right now either. Quad Sets - with leg straight, flex the quad and hold it - And a variety of leg raises, side, front and rear.

This week - I get a little variety, weight shifts to the front and rear, practice with one crutch and no crutch. Woot Woot. Sarcasm. I'd really like to be able to to do some squats, rolling, kick a bag. Those actions are about 4 months away. I'm a bit wary. Rerupture in this injury is a definite risk. The tension put on the repair from your own quadricep flexing is considerable. When I work my repair, I keep thinking the words of the orthopedic surgeon - your knee is repaired, it doesn't mean it is healed.

My immediate goals - I'd like to be able to drive by next week (I don't have great muscle control right now) and I'd like to be off of crutches by next week as well. 4 month goals: gaining improved flexibility in the knee - 10 degree improvement every week, moving to active quadricep flexing with 10% improvements every two weeks - goal 90% of strong leg maximum.

Flex, strech, flex, stretch, flex stretch - 5 min and hour, every hour.

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