18 April, 2010

New walk - the foot muscle is connected to the butt muscle.

I have to learn how to walk again! I didn't reinjure my leg. In fact, my knee is progressing very well. Knock on wood.

Last week I was doing some rehab exercises with the physical therapist and the physical therapist assistant. Just some small quater depth squats. In starting a squat, the PT and PTA, gave me a quizical look and gave each other looks and asked me to squat again. And then again and again. They asked me - "Do you always do that?" I had no idea what they were speaking to.

And then they pointed it out.

When I squat, and walk - my knee tracks inwards a bit. Towards the inside of my foot. I squat and walk a bit knock kneed. Apparently more than a bit.

The reason why they were a bit surprised that I was doing that was that I did not exhibit any other behaviors or any outward musculature signs that I would do such a thing. It was also immediately apparent to them as a main cause of my patellar tendonitis.
So what now? I've been walking like this, running like this and squating like this forever, or at least 37 years now.
I have to retrain my legs so that my knee tracks over my toes - Big toe and second toe would be the best.
When I walk, I have to walk with most of my weight on the outside of my foot.
It was noticed that I'm a bit flat footed. I asked about orthotics and found that the flat feet can be adjusted with muscle massage.
So, this little change would improve a ton!
That would improve the arch in my foot, prevent the inward roll of my ankle, improve the tracking of my knee, involve more of the outer aspects of my quadricep, my gluteus min, med and maximus and decrease or eliminate my patellar tendonitis.
By the way, the muscles that I'm looking to massage - Extensor digitorum longus. Stuck in between my shin bone and my calf. A tiny little strip. I also massage the outer edge of my calf.

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  1. Awesome! I love it when a small change makes a big difference!


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