10 April, 2010

UFC 112. Mouse trap re-visited.

UFC 112. INVINCI- wha? This bi-weekly (or is it semi-monthly?) addition of UFC was both hard on the eyes and the mind (and the fight fan heart!)
I was hoping to see some good technique and ground skills. I was underwhelmed.
Renzo followed Royce and Rolles as far as recent results of Gracies in MMA. It wasn't good.
The Abu Dhabi crowd was appreciative of good technique, but not much cheering. It was quite a turn around from the boo birds in Jersey. A turn for the better, even though it was quieter.
The two main events were unforgettable, but not in a good way. BJ Penn fought to not lose. And lost.
Anderson Silva showboated for three rounds and it was hard on the eyes. If you know you can take your opponent, then do it. Don't subject me to the antics. The last two rounds were hum drum and Silva won by decision.

A couple months ago I posed a question about BJJ being the current better mouse trap. Royce Gracie demonstrated what BJJ can do to an opponent that has little to no exposure to BJJ. Not only that, but he demonstrated what BJJ can do to an opponent that may know other types of striking and has little to no exposure to BJJ. It changed the martial arts world. But considering the most recent UFC performances of MMA fighters that are depending on their ground techniques to win a match - I wonder again, if my observation about the current better mouse trap is right? At least in the MMA world, fighters are much better prepared and experience in grappling and ground techniques evens the playing field.

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