05 May, 2010

A Total BJJ Week - 3rd week of June

I know some of you can really put in the time to train. I don't know how you all make the time. Right now I'm not sweating it. I mean, my quad turns to jelly doing half squats with just a bit of resistance.

I did set a great goal though!

The week of June 20th, I'm back in my home town - Chicago! for a conference on patient safety. I'll be there for about a week, but I already planned out my week of one on one training at a couple Jits schools in the area.

Gracie Barra in the loop and another MMA school on the northside. Then that weekend, I'm going to get to a school in Indiana that is a Gracie Academy certified center.

It should be a great week of JJitsu.

I've been working on building the strength and flexibility in my joint. I'm going to be ULTRA careful since there is a higher incidence of re-rupture in this kind of knee injury. But I've spoken with the schools and requested one on ones for the purpose of learning methods to maximize my current strengths and to minimize the chance of injury - such as when a noob gets over excited and wants to kill the visitor....

At rehab today, I was told, knock on wood, that I am 2 to 3 weeks ahead of schedule. My flexibility is at 130 degrees range of motion. My quad strength is improving and my balance training is progressing. I can't wait for June!

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