17 May, 2010

Training in JiuJitsu Part IV

I have some exercises that were in the article. The list isn't fancy. It is about doing the technique properly and manipulating that load in different ways. Experiment with resistance load. Experiment with repetitions. Experiment with your rest period.

The way that the article lists them is that there are particular movements that provide resistance exercise and that the resistance exercise benefits different applications.

It is the way that you conduct the resistance exercise that conditions your body in different ways.

For example:
Resistance exercise - Wide-stance squat
Application - lower body and trunk strength, balance, throwing and un-balancing

Can be done many different ways for different effects. A squat with an emphasis on the concentric contraction (pushing up out of the squat with force) - can benefit explosiveness.

A squat with an emphasis on eccentric contraction (slow lowering of the weight at twice the count of the pushing) - can benefit muscle and tendon tensile strength. The slow lowering also recruits other muscle groups beyond just your large muscles. The other muscles provide benefit in posture and balance and provide balanced muscle development.


  1. Excellent!

    Here is a suggestion. Since you are usually dealing with a live resisting opponent (I hope you are :) ) in BJJ / Grappling, I recommend you exercise as often as you can on an unstable surface, like swiss balls instead of benches and BOSU and the like. Of course, you'll have to drastically reduce the weights you are using, but man! the strength you gain will translate IMMEDIATELY!

  2. Excellent point Liam. There are so many ways to throw your equillibrium off during your resistance training that would translate to better performance on the mat. Try doing side lunges onto or off of a BOSU ball. Even with no weight, doing a slow count down and explosive up - good point!


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