23 May, 2010

French Toast Breakfast. Yummy.

I love french toast. But I don't like fried bread.
There is a difference to me.
"Fried bread" is white bread lightly coated in a mixture of egg and milk and fried quickly on the griddle.
French toast is sweet, yummy goodness. The outside of the toast is a bit on the crunch side. Not crunchy like cookies, but... you know. The inside is custardy and sweet and has soaked all the way through to become "one with the bread". Mmmm....
This is what I made for the wife and kids today. Some stale Breadsmith French peasant bread, and a couple slices of the Cinnabon Cinnamon Bread turned into my patented French Toast.
2 eggs
1/2 skim milk
a touch of vanilla
1 TBS of sugar - white or brown
I like to dip the bread and then set it aside for the batter to really soak through the bread. I use a stove top griddle. One of those that is a heavy aluminum piece. I turn it on medium high, get it nice and warm then turn it down to medium.
Butter up the griddle and then get ready to place the pieces of battered bread on the griddle. Once I place the pieces down on the griddle - I don't move them until I can feel the bottom set up. It takes about 4 minutes. Then I flip the piece over.
I like to let the toast slowly cook through to get a custardy texture on the inside, instead of a dry egg taste on white bread.
A little powdered sugar, a little cinnamon, syrup and butter.

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