29 January, 2010

Tapey the Grappling Dummy part 1

After about 6 months with no roll. I decided that I was going to hire someone to take a tumble with. It was totally legit and consensual. I was going to buy a grappling dummy.
If you google "grappling dummy" a couple good products show up.
The Submission Master, Bubba and the Bubba II.
I loved the idea of a dummy. Train any time, get a ton of repetitions in, and you have a partner that didn't care that about the hundreds of armbars, leg locks and chokes going on.
I wasn't sure that I liked the price though.

A little more investigating brought me to a couple DIY projects to make a homemade grappling dummy. I found some good examples: el jefe and another example that I used as a template to build one.
My kids thought building a dummy would be "awesome". My wife - not so much.

Below is part 1 of the dummy chronicles.

Heavy gauge wire. See the mop head there as well.

I got a ton of duct tape and had some wood dowel left over from my home made nunchucku project.

Foam from a memory foam mattress.

I also used some PVC pipe, some bungee cord.
Next putting it all together....

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  1. I am in the process of putting one of these together. any picture of the final product? i found a pretty good one at



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