27 January, 2010

It had me at "Hello."

I've decided that I will start out blogging of my recent experiences in my martial arts learning. Specifically, how have I gotten into my most recent learning addiction, brazilian jiu jitsu. Selfishly, I want this blog to help me remember everything I've learned so far.
My love of jiu jitsu actually started as a kid when I started taking Judo and Tae Kwon Do - that was about 28 years ago or more! At my school, Monday's, Wednesday's and Fridays were dedicated to Tae Kwon Do, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays were Judo days. As a kid, we start out learning the ground techniques. But we learned each position isolated from the others. We didn't really learn transitions and we didn't really learn methods of improving position, reversals or escapes. But it was the coolest! As a kid, usually it's enough to be able to hold down and control another kid that was stupid enough to pick a fight. That may even work as an adult.
Then came Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And that was like an a-ha moment for me!
I started my training in BJJ in 2008 at the Fox Valley Grappling Club. It was great. A group of folks interested in grappling, judo, muay thai, mma. Kids, men and women.
So what did I learn?
First - I was a wacky noob that panicked, gassed out and tapped left and right.
Second - I thought that lifting weights and an elliptical was a good work out. Was I wrong. I died with the first warm-up.
Third - Being not so flexible and having some creaky joints, the ibuprofen and aspirin I was taking for pain also lead to major bruising. I looked like one of those guys on Fight Club, except I was always talking about fight club.
Fourth - Skin infections - ring worm, and tinea multiforms - sucks.
Finally - This was the best sport and art, it had me at Hello.

After about 9 months in '08, my schedule and my kids schedules changed enough that I had practically no time for FVGC. My experience in BJJ had to wait in hiatus for about a year. But I was thinking about it all the time!

Next, Gracie University and at home instruction with FVGC Blue Belt!

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