28 January, 2010

My A-ha moment - "I've been here before"

I wanted to document a couple things that I wanted to get on blog before I moved on to my Gracie and BJJ home schooling.
I clearly remember the turning point in my learning at FVGC. It was the second to last class that I ever went to at the Club. I remember having trouble with other players in class. I don't think that 8 months into training you can really feel like you hit a slump. But that is how it felt for me. I seemed to be struggling with some of the same things all of the time, panicking, gassing out and forgetting the basics. I was thinking way too much! I finally heard one of the blue belts explaining his A-Ha moment(s).
First - stop moving other people. The game is about moving yourself into the right position.
Second - what helped him learn not to panic was a single thought in his head when he got into a compromised position - "I've been here before". Thinking that thought - "I've been here before" helped him calm his breathing, and calm his thinking down.

My next roll, I was against a large viking dude, a white belt like me, but capable of pancaking most training partners. Viking quickly got mount and proceded to work arm bars. Instead of panicking, I was able to maintain calm. I kept moving hips, moving hips and moving hips. Frame, elbow escape, achieve half-guard, frame, move hips, shrimp and achieve full-guard. Whoa. Was I happy! It's about small wins, right? I was psyched and couldn't wait for my next class.

Next and last class.

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